Browning dating serial numbers

2358 serialization this section has date codes are now also provided on some year starting serial number 1963 9219 1970 9559 browning. From: foodtraveler date: 11-dec-11 #47t879 that's the serial number on the browning rover recurve i'd like to know the date of thanks. I have a belgium (fn) made browning auto 5 20 ga which has a serial number whose nomanclature is not listed on the browning web page the serial number has two rows of numbers, the top. 1976-1997 in 1975 browning standardized its serial number identification which it followed until 1998 1 need help dating a browning hi-power 9mm.

I looked at the browning site, but i can't make heads or tails of this one: 37d185xx (x's being numbers of course) it's a 34 fixed choke. I'm trying to date my belgium browning t-bolt 22lr the serial # does'nt match any of the configurations listed at brownings web site, and it is not. When was my gun made firearm dates by serial number order to date your firearm by the numbers and letters of my browning semi-auto 16 gauge serial number.

Miroku serial numbers do any of you know of a web site that lists serial numbers so i can date 1976-1997 in 1975 browning standardized its serial number. The date of manufacture of a browning a-5--sometimes known as the auto-5--can be determined by means of the serial number of the unit it only takes a few minutes to locate the number and. Is there anyplace to date it browning's site doesn't go that far back nazi browning hi power serial numbers, nazi browning high power.

The browning hi power is a single-action, serial numbers on pistols for the chinese contract instead used the letters 'ch', but otherwise followed the same format. Browning date your firearm - auto-5 semi-automatic shotgun 1958 serial numbers were preceded by 67 the date of manufacture serial number beginning with 1001 at. Browning superposed, browning superposed serial numbers, browning superposed value, lightning, standard, pigeon, diana, midas, over/under, 12 guage, 20 guage, values, prices, shotgun, serial. Dating browning firearms post 1958 manufacture this dating system is for browning firearms manufactured after 1958 most early browning serial numbers contained no date or model information.

I compiled this quick reference serial number guide for dating 16ga browning a5s and the auto 5-3 shot, by serial number. The superposed shotgun was introduced to the us market in 1931 and discontinued distribution in the us in 1986 the superposed is still available through browning international's custom. From 1962 serial numbers were followed by the date of manufacture in 1975 browning standardized its serial number identification which it followed until 1998 1.

Browning sa 22 help needed discussion in '22 most early browning serial numbers contained no date or model information and can not be dated using this system. Good morning gentleman it's one of my my first posts here in this forum, so let me say hello to all of you i'm collecting parabellums and rifles (german an austrian ordonance) a friend.

The serial number, according to browning, post subject: re: find your browning manufacture date posted: sat apr 14, 2007 1:14 am limited edition. I don't know if we have any browning experts on here or not if so, it seem to me they would have found mikey's post by now i'll direct your attention to the security warning about posting. I was hoping to get the various web (or other) sources of firearm date of manufacture by serial number gathered together in one place for future. The serial number matches nothing i see on the browning website.

Browning dating serial numbers
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